Vanessa Bates

Animal, Feed and Farm System Specialist, DairyNZ

Vanessa Bates enjoys both an agri-science and dairy farming career; she works at DairyNZ helping farmers and contract milks with her husband in Canterbury.

Vanessa studied agri-science at Massey University before working as an Animal, Feed and Farm System Specialist at DairyNZ.

“My role at DairyNZ allows me to share the latest science with farmers through developing tools, resources and content when new research becomes available. I really enjoy this role as it has a diverse range of projects and allows for a balance between office and field work.”

She and her husband also contract milk 400 cows in Canterbury and have just bought their first line of heifers with the goal being sharemilking.

“I hope to play more of a role in the farm business whilst contributing to the wider sector through my role at DairyNZ.”

Vanessa’s advice is to take every opportunity you can and, when thinking about studying, make sure you pick a university course you are passionate about as it makes the work enjoyable and you get to meet a class full of people you can bounce ideas off and work with.

SCHOOL: Rosehill College, 2006-2010
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Massey University, 2011-2015, Master of Science majoring in AgriScience
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT:  Animal, Feed and Farm System Specialist, DairyNZ

“I grew up in Auckland and was fortunate to get introduced to agriculture through my extended family”



Agri-scientists are creative problem solvers provide solutions in areas including genetics, sustainability, animal welfare and care; the environment and farming systems.

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