Samantha Robinson

National fodder beet technical specialist

Find out why Sam is excited to be involved in the dairy industry.

Sam’s career tips? “Your idea of what you want to do when you leave school by the time you finish university may change multiple times, so keep your studies broad so you open yourself up for endless opportunities. Pursue something you are interested in, as usually, you will be good at whatever that may be.”

Throughout school, Sam loved the sciences and growing up on a dairy farm was interested in what made pastures and crops grow.

Sam suggests high school students, “Go out for a day with people in the industry that interests you to get the best insight into whether the job is for you or not.”

Sam is national fodder beet technical specialist with Agricom, a role she is passionate about. “Fodder beet has become very popular throughout New Zealand in many different farming systems, I am excited to be involved with this and share my knowledge and experience with farmers and the industry.”

SCHOOL: Southland Girls’ High School (Southland)
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Lincoln University 2011-2013 (Bachelor of Science)
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: National fodder beet technical specialist, Agricom

“Go out for a day with people in the industry that interests you”



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