Richard George

Forage plant breeder

Richard is a forage plant breeder and never knew such roles existed!

A bachelor of agri-science at Lincoln University served as an ideal platform for Richard to not only learn about but experience the magnitude of career opportunities available in the agricultural sector.

After graduation and a few years of seed industry experience, Richard specialised further by undertaking a PhD to ‘future proof’ himself in a science-orientated industry that is constantly evolving.

Richard’s role involves a diversity of jobs, ranging from operating farm machinery, right through to planning and carrying out genetic experiments. The application of leading-edge science to deliver positive outcomes for the agricultural industry is one his most rewarding roles.

Richard co-ordinates with other breeders, agronomists, farmers and scientists in both New Zealand and overseas. He has excellent career prospects.

SCHOOL: Cambridge High School 2001-2005
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Lincoln University 2006-2009, Lincoln University 2011-2014 (PhD)
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Forage plant breeder, PGG Wrightson Seeds

“I never knew such roles even existed when I started my degree”



Agri-scientists are creative problem solvers provide solutions in areas including genetics, sustainability, animal welfare and care; the environment and farming systems.

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