Melissa Stephen

Genetic Evaluation Developer

Melissa works as a Genetic Evaluation Developer helping dairy farmers determine which animals will produce the best performing herd.

Melissa’s job is to translate complex ideas and data into information that is quick for farmers to understand and use to make decisions about their herd

Melissa is a Genetic Evaluation Developer.

Studying at Lincoln University, Melissa wanted to be a rural banker but became more and more interested in animal science, so started taking animal science papers. She could’ve swapped half way through her studies to a Bachelor of Science majoring in Animal Science, but instead she stuck with Commerce to keep her options open – something she encourages others to do.

After graduating, Melissa’s interest in genetic evaluation continued during her time working as an information services administrator for a dairy genetics company.

“I find genetics really interesting. It’s an exciting field to be part of and is moving forward at a million miles per hour!”

At the dairy genetic company, she studied Genetics for Livestock Improvement extramurally.

“Your ideas of what you want to do will change over time,” says Melissa.

As far as Melissa is concerned, she in in the right place and loves her work as a Genetic Evaluation Developer.

“I find genetics really interesting, It’s an exciting field to be part of and is moving forward at a million miles per hour!”

SCHOOL: Whangarei Girls’ High School
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Lincoln University, Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Agricultural Management, and Genetics for Livestock Improvement studies extramural through Massey University
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Genetic Evaluation Developer



Agri-scientists are creative problem solvers provide solutions in areas including genetics, sustainability, animal welfare and care; the environment and farming systems.

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