James Luo

Farm Assistant

James’ love of a video game and travels around New Zealand led him to a dairy farming career.

“Playing Harvest Moon is about a man who wakes up at 6am every day and starts farming, he has a cow shed, chicken barn, and a piece of land. This was fascinating to me.

“Travelling around the North Island I kept seeing farms that reminded me of the game. So, I thought, that’s what I’ll do. That’s how I got into studying agriculture and going dairy farming.”

James changed all his papers after just four weeks at Taylors College, where he was doing foundation study, to study a Bachelor of Agri-science.

“I am interested in farming because it includes animals, soils, pastures, mechanics, and financial skills; farming is very diverse. I can’t see myself just sitting in front of a computer or in factory and doing the same thing every day.”

James works as a Farm Assistant on DairyNZ’s Scott Farm, a research farm in the Waikato.

“I’ve just started my job and still have a lot to learn. By working on the farm and accumulating my experience I can step up in the farming profession.

“In the future, I would like to be involved in trials on Scott Farm, hopefully jumping through some roles to learn more. It depends on what opportunities pop up.”

James came to New Zealand as an international student to study calculus, statistics, physics, and biology. However, after travelling around New Zealand during a semester break, he saw lots of beautiful farms which reminded him of a video game he used to play.

“By working on the farm and accumulating my experience I can step up in the farming profession”

SCHOOL: Haian High school, China, 2011-2013; Taylor’s College, Auckland, 2014
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Massey University, 2015-2018, Bachelor of Agri-science (Agriculture)

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming

A dairy farming career is everything from caring for animals to learning new skills, enhancing the environment, and earning good money.

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