Hayley Hoogendyk

Farm Manager

Hayley Hoogendyk grew up as a city girl but chose a rural career.

Hayley Hoogendyk (29) grew up in Mt Maunganui and completed a business degree at Massey University. Her first job was managing events at the university for almost two years.

After going milking with a friend one day, she liked it so much she applied for a milking job. The manager offered her a full-time job and she jumped at it, right in the middle of calving. She loved it and has never left.

“Seven years later I’m still farming and couldn’t think of doing anything else.  I love everything about it – the animals, being outdoors, the fact every day is different and you never know what challenges you’re going to face.”

Hayley is in her fourth season as a farm manager. She works on a farm just out of Palmerston North, with 510 cows, two staff, a relief milker and calf rearer. “I find it rewarding to see the people around me grow, learn new skills, step up in their roles and take on new responsibilities.”

In 2017, Hayley won the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards Dairy Manager of the Year, the first female to win this title. “This shows the changing shape of the dairy sector, and how females can be just as successful,” says Hayley. “I’m a results-driven person. I get a lot of satisfaction out of achieving farm targets.”

Hayley is chair of Manawatu District Young Farmers and vice dairy chair for Federated Farmers for Manawatu – Rangitikei. She has her own cows and wants to keep growing her herd.

“My story shows that anyone who grows up in town and has no background in farming can go into dairy farming and become successful”

SCHOOL: Mt Maunganui College. 2002-2006
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Massey University 2007-2009, Primary ITO 2014 to present day

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming

A dairy farming career is everything from caring for animals to learning new skills, enhancing the environment, and earning good money.

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