Dr Roshean Woods

Farm Environment Consultant

Dr Roshean Woods has a passion for research that supports farmers to be more sustainable and reduces the impact farming has on the environment.

At Timaru Girls’ High School, Roshean studied Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Calculus and English, all subjects that have helped in her studies and career.

She is passionate about the environment. During her PhD study, Roshean conducted experiments to determine how the plants eaten by cows can help reduce the amount of nitrogen that is leached through the soil by the cow’s urine. This project was tackling an environmental issue by looking at the soil–plant system.

Roshean is a Farm Environment Consultant with AgriMagic, a job that involves working with farmers to help them meet environmental regulations set by regional councils, and ensure their businesses remain sustainable into the future.

“The thing I enjoy the most is working with farmers and seeing how quickly they adapt to become more sustainable once they understand the key things which are impacting the environment on their property.”

Profile from Leaving School Magazine Issue #12

 SCHOOL: Timaru Girls’ High School
TRAINING INSTITUTE: A PHD and Bachelor of Science with Honours from Lincoln University
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Farm Environment Consultant with AgriMagic

“Farmers need so many people working with them to run successful farm businesses – consultants, scientists, researchers, fertiliser reps, plant breeders and agronomists – the list goes on”



Agri-scientists are creative problem solvers provide solutions in areas including genetics, sustainability, animal welfare and care; the environment and farming systems.

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