Chelsea Goodall

Student and stay at home mum

Chelsea changed careers after her husband became a career farmer five years ago.

Born and raised in the city, Chelsea Goodall loves farm life since moving with Hayden from the city and raising their children in the country.

With a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Social Policy, Chelsea changed careers when husband Hayden entered the dairy sector as a career farmer about five years ago.

“I am now fully involved in the sector as a Committee member for the Dairy Industry Awards and as a team leader for the Dairy Trainee section in the Bay of Plenty region,” says Chelsea.

Chelsea says she decided to start the New Zealand Diploma of Agribusiness Management because, “The diploma will provide me the knowledge, understanding and insight that I need. I started with no farming background, no previous experience and nothing to unlearn. I am now getting information, knowledge, ideas, inspiration that are assisting me reach my goal of a dairy industry career.”

Within two years, Chelsea and Hayden aim to have a contract milking business.

“I have a passion for the dairy sector, a desire to personally succeed and to be an advocate for dairying. I want to make a difference wherever I am.”

“Our children have only ever known farm life and love it”

SCHOOL: Otumoetai College, 2008-2010, Te Whakatipuranga – The School for Young Parents, 2010-2012
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Dairy Training Limited, 2018 to current, studying a New Zealand Diploma of Agribusiness Management
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Student and stay-at-home mum

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming

A dairy farming career is everything from caring for animals to learning new skills, enhancing the environment, and earning good money.

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