Phillip van Heuven

50:50 Sharemilker

Phillip is a great believer in workplace training and the value it brings to participants.

SCHOOL: Matamata College
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Agribusiness Management Diploma
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: 50:50 Sharemilker

“I always planned to be a farmer, now I have achieved that goal and have been farming for eight years”

Phillip is a 50:50 sharemilker near Ngahinapouri. “I trained in other areas (joinery and building) that would benefit me greatly in farming with skills that I can apply on farm.” He also qualified as an AB technician for LIC has completed an Agribusiness Management Diploma.

“I undertook the diploma study to provide me a better understanding of how to run my business. I can take more responsibility and won’t need to rely as much on my accountant, bank manager and lawyer. It will also give me support and confidence as I further my farming career and help me support staff who I employ.”

“My future goals in farming are to progress into a bigger sharemilking operation and, eventually, either farm ownership or equity partnership.”


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