Nicola Law

Senior research technician

The challenges of working within research keep Nicola interested.

SCHOOL: Waikato Diocesan School for Girls 2005-2009 (Waikato)
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Massey University 2010-2013
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Senior research technician, DairyNZ

“Each day is different depending on what needs to be done on the various trials we are running”

Nicola loves the variety in her work, “Each day is different depending on what needs to be done on the various trials we are running. I especially enjoy being able to work outdoors most days.”

The challenge of working within research keeps Nicola interested, “We have to work out the logistics of collecting accurate data for some very large and intensive trials and we are constantly learning new things with the different trial purposes.”

Nicola started as an Assistant Research Technician. During her summer holidays she worked on her parents’ dairy farm then got a placement at Massey to work on a research project.

Nicola’s tip? “Don’t think that the only option of being involved in dairying is to milk cows! There are so many jobs and opportunities within the dairy industry besides working on a farm.”

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