Laura Buckthought

Water quality scientist, Auckland Council

Read how Laura’s love of research has helped land her ideal job.

SCHOOL: Hamilton Girls’ High School 1999-2003 (Waikato)
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Lincoln University 2004-2007 (BSc with honors, Environmental Science), AgResearch and Lincoln University 2010-2013 (PhD)
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Water quality scientist, Auckland Council

“After gaining experience as an environmental consultant, I realised I had a genuine interest in research as a long term career”

Laura’s pathway was an interesting one. After graduating from Lincoln University, she worked as an environmental consultant for two years. “During this time I realised my true interest was scientific research, so I undertook a PhD in soil science which got me back to my passion for applied research.”

Laura’s love of research helped land her ideal job, a scientist position within Auckland Council’s Research and Evaluation Unit.

“The PhD study I did with AgResearch and Lincoln University was key to giving me options and employability in this environmental science area.”

The new skills and experience Laura is learning at Auckland Council allow her to continue to develop her career in science and gain new experience in the policy space. Soil science, land use and water quality are all intricately connected and will continue to have relevance to the agricultural and dairy sectors. Having experience and knowledge in all three of these areas is a great career advantage.

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