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Free Farm Ready Training

Farm Ready Training

Get farm ready and start your dairy farming career with confidence.

Courses restart in March 2021. Register your interest using the form on this page.

A career in dairy is rewarding. You’ll be part of a great team, spend time outdoors working with animals, and there are many opportunities to learn and grow on the job.

DairyNZ is offering free entry-level training for career changers whose current employment may be impacted by Covid-19 and are serious about a farming career. The training is for permanent residents or citizens of New Zealand only.

Sign up for the free three-week training to learn online about life and work on a farm, then get practical and learn the basics of animal handling and vehicle safety.

On completion of the training, Farm Ready Training participants will be eligible to receive $900 of PPE gear with proof of employment (a signed contract). 

Practical training locations are throughout New Zealand and based on demand.

Week 1

Building an understanding of working and living on a New Zealand dairy farm (online)

Day 1 – Overview of the New Zealand dairy sector
Day 2 – What does working on a New Zealand dairy farm entail?
Day 3 – Living and working in rural New Zealand
Day 4 – Finding the right job and getting started
Day 5 – Use of technology and innovation on New Zealand dairy farms

(1.5 hours daily)

Week 2

Working with cows and farm infrastructure (practical on farm, full time)
  • Build a basic understanding of and gain confidence in working with animals
  • Caring for and handling cows and calves to ensure their optimal condition
  • Getting familiar with the milking plant and milking routines, and understanding milk quality
  • Managing the health and safety of animals and people
  • Understanding environmental sustainability and stewardship

Week 3

Farm vehicle safety (practical on farm, full time)
  • Appropriate and safe use of farm vehicles (tractor, quad, two-wheel motorbike, tractor, and light utility vehicles) on farm and around animals
  • Basic maintenance of farm vehicles
  • Understanding legal requirements of farm vehicle usage
Timothy Wilson

Timothy Wilson

Farm Assistant

“If you want to go dairy farming then all the support you need is there. There are systems in place for you to learn everything on the job. I’ve found the support out there great.”
Farm Ready Training

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Farm Ready Training restarts in March 2021. Registrations are on pause until February 2021Want to know more? Contact us using the form below.

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