Agri-business professionals provide a range of skilled, professional services to farmers and farm businesses.

These include farm consultants, environmental engineers, fertiliser consultants, rural bankers, vets and other technical service sale representatives. An average farmer uses about ten different advisors to help run their farm business.

Agri-business careers

  • Accountant
  • Agri-business consultant
  • Agri-business manager / analyst
  • Consent consultant
  • Consulting officer
  • Consultant
  • Environmental analyst
  • Economist
  • Environmental engineers
  • Environmental consultant
  • Farm advisor / or consultant
  • Farm solutions manager
  • Fertiliser consultant
  • Grain and seed agent
  • Rural banker
  • Sustainable agricultural / dairy advisor
  • Technical advisor

did you know?

An average farmer uses about ten different advisors to help run their farm business.

Possible work places

  • Private farm consultant companies
  • Government organisations
  • Rural lenders
  • Fertiliser companies
  • Seed companies
  • Agri-chemical companies
  • Agri-business companies

“I am passionate about working with farmers and seeing positive changes on farm and in the mind-set of farmers.”

Agri-Business hats

Farm consultant or advisor

  • Visit farmers regularly
  • Help farmers set business goals and develop business plans by giving advice on financial, business planning and farm management
  • Provide farmers with decision-making support
  • Research information requested by farmers
  • Run training and seminars on a variety of farm management business topics
  • Provide sound and unbiased advice
  • Property supervision.

Environmental consultant

  •  Assessing environmental risk and supporting on-farm change
  • Relationship management (communities, farmers, and interested parties)
  • Monitor and assess sources of environmental contaminants and develop ways to control these
  • Develop environmental policies and plans using ecological, mathematical, or physical science data
  • Provide technical advice to farmers, members of the public, interest groups, local iwi, regulatory bodies, or local government authorities
  • Water monitoring for resource consent conditions
  • Take part in projects to help better the environment.

Rural banking consultant

  • Provide advice
  • Best meet farmers’ financial needs and business goals through farm business plans (mainly financial)
  • Assess financial situations and develop solutions
  • Develop lending applications
  • Facilitate meetings within farm business teams
  • Provide decision-making support
  • Develop and monitor budgets
  • Analyse accounts.

Technical services roles

  • Advise farmers on the use of the product they represent and how it will contribute to their business
  • Provide technical support to farmers on their products
  • Supply seeds, grain, sprays and fertilisers to farmers
  • Advise farmers on pasture and crop varieties, the planning and rotation of crops; and how to plant and harvest crops
  • Advise farmers on weed and pest control, and fertiliser use
  • Organise the harvesting of crops
  • Talk to clients about products and update product information materials
  • Build relationships with farmers and keep in contact with them to provide support and answer their enquiries
  • Find and contact potential new customers
  • Run and attend trade shows, conferences and field days.


school subjects

Recommended secondary school subjects include English, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Modelling; Science, Maths with Calculus, Economics / Accounting, Geography.

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It’s preferred you have a tertiary qualification. Find out about the course, the campus, city life, and lifestyle you can expect.

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A mentor is someone already working or familiar with the career you choose; someone you respect and can use as a sounding board for your ideas.

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environmental CONSULTANT

  • Bachelor of Science (with environmental papers)
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Management and Planning
  • Agricultural Science (Agri-Science)
  • Fresh Water Ecology

technical SERVICES

  • Agricultural Science (AgriScience)
  • Science
  • Commerce (Agriculture)
  • Agri-business


  • Agricultural Commerce
  • Agricultural Science (Agri-Science)
  • Agribusiness
  • Commerce
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting / Economics


  • Agricultural Science (Agri-Science)
  • Science (Agriculture)
  • Commerce (Agriculture)
  • Agribusiness
  • Economics-Agriculture


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