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Working on a dairy farm often means you’ll be living in a rural area, find out if it’s for you.

Working and living on farm

When considering a career in the dairy industry, it’s important to understand that a potential workplace may be anywhere from ten minutes to an hour from the nearest large town or city.

Usually, a job on a dairy farm will include housing on farm, this means no more commutes to work, and the rent is much less than that of many suburban areas.

Living rurally pros and cons


  • Save money on accommodation
  • Little or no commute
  • Rosters can allow for time off during the day
  • Earn and train at the same time
  • Part of a diverse and supportive team
  • Wide spaces and fresh air
  • Small rural schools with small classroom sizes for kids


  • Can be geographically isolating
  • Cinemas, shops, cafes may be some distance away
  • Mobile reception and internet speed may vary

Things to ask about

  • Roster flexibility

  • Expected hours of work

  • Cellphone reception and internet speed

Socialising in a rural community

Living in the country doesn’t mean you won’t have opportunities to socialise or meet new people. Groups like Young Farmers or Dairy Women’s Network are strong in rural communities and they are a great way to meet people and get off farm for some fun. Often sports teams and outdoor activities are easily accessible in smaller communities and people are very welcoming.

Sam White and Kate Stewart explain why they joined Young Farmers.

Family life on a dairy farm

A shift to the country might mean a move for your partner and/or kids. Including them in the process is a great idea to get the whole family on board.

Emily has made the move from the city to live with her partner on the farm, hear how she finds it in this video.

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