Herd Manager

Claire has taken on a Herd Manager role since completing the Massey University Diploma in Agriculture.

SCHOOL: Pukekohe High School
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre (Level 3 and 4 Certificates of Agriculture), Massey University, Central North Island Dairy Academy (Diploma in Agriculture)

“The diploma really helped me understand more about farm and staff management as well as thinking about the bigger picture”

“Studying Agriculture at Pukekohe High School increased my interest in a career in the agriculture industry. It gave me the motivation to attend Taratahi Agricultural Training centre to further develop practical skills and knowledge.”

Claire says that while she did not grow up on a farm, this did not stop her passion for and interest in a dairy sector career.

Claire started a fulltime career in dairying after completing Level 3 and 4 Certificates of Agriculture. The certificates gave Claire the practical skills to carry out day-to-day tasks on farm and helped with building leadership skills. She worked for two seasons on-farm putting her knowledge and skills into practice and continued to develop teamwork skills before deciding to further her study and completed a Diploma in Agriculture at the Central North Island Dairy Academy.

Since completing the Massey University Diploma in Agriculture Claire has taken on a Herd Manager role.

“Working in the dairy sector is awesome as there are many career pathways. You can progress up the ranks to farm management, with so many options along the way.”

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