Dairy Farm Manager

Chloe made the leap from city life to country life and hasn’t looked back.

SCHOOL: Northcote College, 2005-2010
TRAINING INSTITUTE: Primary ITO 2012 to present day

“I am driven by the people I hang out with and I surround myself with good farmers, I want to be top of my game”

Chloe grew up in Auckland and considered herself a city person through and through. But when she was challenged to try dairy farming, she went for it and found a lifestyle and work she loves.

Her first months were a massive learning curve but now she is a farm manager and likes nothing better than working with cows. “I’m also quite driven by growing as much grass as I can and producing quality milk. Every milk pickup is as exciting as the last.”

Chloe is committed to learning everything she can about the dairy sector. She is currently studying part-time with Primary ITO for her agribusiness diploma.

Chloe started out farming for six years in Southland and has been working as a farm manager for a couple of years now. She recently moved to a farm near Whangarei with 450 cows.

“I love working with good operators and great leaders. I find people who are already where I want to be and ask them to take me under their wing.”

Chloe recommends taking part in the Dairy Industry Awards as a great way to learn and test knowledge. She won Southland trainee of the year in 2016 and Southland runner-up manager of the year for 2018. Her goals are to own her own herd and farm.

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