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Animal Behaviour Scientists (Ethologists) analyse and attempt to understand the reasons behind animal behaviour.

They might work in the efficient and humane management of farm animals, in areas such as conservation, the control of pest species, evolutionary biology, and population ecology.

Animal Behaviour Scientists often work for governments and large companies.

Generally, Animal Behaviour Scientists have a Bachelor of Science with Animal Behaviour papers in:

  • Animal Science
  • Zoology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Biological Science


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For a career in science

For a science career (Research Technician, Statistician, Farm Advisor or Farm Systems Modeller), but not working as a scientist, you will need an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s Degree) which generally takes three years’ university study.

To be a scientist

You need a postgraduate qualification (Master's or Doctorate) which takes four or more years’ university study. You could be an Animal Behaviour Scientist, Plant or Animal Geneticist, Agricultural Microbiologist or Reproduction Scientist.

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