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Farm Advisors / Consultants provide professional advice to farmers on how to improve the profitability, efficiency, and sustainability of their farm systems.

There are many kinds of Farm Advisors / Consultants who help farmers in different ways. You might work for an agricultural or horticultural business, an insurance, fertiliser or dairy company, or be a specialist in animal breeding or research. You might work for a government agency or be self-employed.

Generally, you need a Bachelor’s degree in:

  • Agricultural Science (Agri-Science)
  • Science (Agriculture)
  • Commerce (Agriculture)
  • Agribusiness
  • Economics-Agriculture

Regan’s story

Regan McCorquindale, a FarmWise consultant talks about his role and how he got to be in a job he loves.


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School subjects

Recommended secondary school subjects include English, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Modelling; Science, Maths with Calculus, Economics / Accounting, Geography.

Tertiary study

It’s preferred you have a tertiary qualification. Find out about the course, the campus, city life, and lifestyle you can expect, find out where to study.

Where to study

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