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Agricultural Technical Advisors have specialist subject knowledge, they could be a fertiliser representative or grain and seed agent.

Agricultural Technical Advisors might work for a feed, agri-tech, fertiliser, agrichemical, or grain and seed company.

Agricultural Technical Advisors give advice and/or sell products and provide information on usage, pasture, and crop and livestock management. Some work for themselves. They often visit clients, arrange contracts and payment details for products or services, train clients to use products, answer enquiries and keep sales records and predict future market trends. Agricultural Technical Advisors are usually based at a branch office, store or depot of their employer.

Some Agricultural Technical Advisors have years of experience and professional certifications or accreditations, others have a degrees or postgraduate degrees and give scientific advice. You might be a specialist in dairy cow feed or know how to prevent lameness in cows, or how to plant a waterway.

Generally, Agricultural Technical Advisors have a Bachelor’s degree in:

  • Agricultural Science (Agri-Science)
  • Science (Agriculture)
  • Commerce (Agriculture)
  • Agribusiness


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