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As one of New Zealand’s largest employers, the dairy sector needs motivated and passionate people to make a difference in the world. Discover your future in dairy and learn about the range of career options that dairy has to offer.

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Dairy Farming

Dairy farming

A dairy farming career is everything from caring for animals to learning new skills, enhancing the environment, and earning good money.


Agri-business professionals provide a range of skilled, professional services to farmers and farm businesses.


Agri-scientists are creative problem solvers provide solutions in areas including genetics, sustainability, animal welfare and care; the environment and farming systems.

About DairyNZ

DairyNZ is an organisation that, through research, events, services, education and policy, works with dairy farmers to secure and enhance the profitability, sustainability and competitiveness of New Zealand dairy farming. New Zealand dairy farmers pay DairyNZ a levy to support them.