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Writing an ad on Farm Source Jobs.

Detail is important!

The aim of an advert is to let a potential employer know what you can offer their business. Research tells us that a greater level of detail is desirable as employers are less likely to ring people that they are not sure of. Ultimately this will save you time because you won’t have to talk to people about jobs that are not suitable for you.

Preparation provides foundation

You will only be in a position to get maximum value from your ad if you have done the preparation outlined in the resource material on the Farm Source Jobs website. With this information in hand you will be well placed to write an ad that shows a potential employer you are worth a call.

Writing your ad on Farm Source Jobs

When you are ready to write your advert on Farm Source Jobs you will find that the process is simple. You only have to fill in a couple of fields, but what you say in that space is important.

Listing end date

You will only be able to hold an ad on Farm Source Jobs for four weeks. At the end of this time you have to submit a new ad.

Advert title

You need to make this interesting to catch the eye of the employer but try to be specific.


You will be asked if you are willing to work in a number of regions. You can indicate this by holding the “Ctrl” button down on the keyboard and clicking all the regions you are interested in working in.


You may want to place ads in different categories as the employer may only search on one. Make sure you are pitching your skills at the right level by checking out the different roles in the dairy industry. Here you can find out what each of these roles do.

Available to start work

This indicates when you will be able to commence work. If you are currently working don’t forget that you will have a notice period and you may also wish to have a small break between jobs. This date might not be as soon as you think!

Dairy farming experience

The key is to be honest here! Write about:

  • Responsibility areas that you carry out on a regular basis
  • Experience at different herd sizes
  • Staff responsibilities
  • Machinery experience

Make sure you include any awards or special recognition you have received.

Relevant qualifications

Qualifications are not always important to employers, but any relevant qualifications are likely to put you ahead of others with similar experience. These may be really practical courses in related fields, like welding, mechanics or book keeping.

Stretching the idea of qualifications a bit further you might also like to talk about your health status or the fact that you don’t use drugs.

Cover letter

Your cover letter should show who you are, what you can offer and outline your skills and experience. It’s often the first thing employers see so make sure you note personal qualities which may not be listed in your CV.

Additional information

Eligibility to work in NZ and ability to drive are reported by farmers as important. You need to clarify this early.

Contact details

Choose a contact that you regularly use; an email contact is a waste of time if you only check it once a week. For privacy issues you may choose to leave out your second name or just provide a mobile number.

Ready? Visit the Farm Source Jobs website.

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