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What do bosses look for? 

Most farm employers want two simple things:

  • The right attitude; and
  • Good skills.

Check out the Career Explorer to identify skills that fit with what you could offer a new employer.

Often a farm employer will take on a person with a good attitude, who is willing to learn even if they don’t have the right experience.

Like all employers, farm employers want an individual who:

  • Is honest and reliable;
  • An individual who can work on their own;
  • Is interested and enthusiastic;
  • Takes pride in their work and workplace.


Prepare your CV carefully. Start with your current role and go no further back than 5 years.

Your CV should:

  • Be a true record of your skills and experience;
  • Summarise your relevant achievements;
  • Be easy to read and clear;
  • Ideally be two to three pages and no more.

DairyNZ can help you through this process, including an easy-to-use template to follow.


  • Be prepared before you go to your interview. Doing some homework shows commitment and a genuine interest in the role.
  • Before you go, check that you know the location precisely and how long it will take you to get there, so you are not late;
  • Dress to project the right image for the role - remember the first impression counts for a lot. But make sure to take suitable footwear as you will probably go on a tour of the farm
  • Be prepared - ensure that you cover everything you need to know;
  • Have a list of questions to ask, preferably written down and ready, such as:
    • Who else works on the farm and what they do;
    • Your precise role and responsibilities, the expectations around you;
    • The level of contact you’ll have with the boss and other staff;
    • Opportunities for training;
    • Details of accommodation, time off, expected hours and seasonal fluctuations;
    • The social life in the community - show that you are keen to fit in.

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