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DairyNZ's commitment to you as a new entrant doesn’t end once you have accepted a position on a dairy farm.

Our wide range of tools and resources will be there to support you at every stage of your dairy career, whilst you develop your skills as a farmer.

DairyNZ's Career Pathways includes planning resources, creates customised career maps and helps you make informed decisions about your career plans and training needs - all via a portable USB flash drive. Find out more at DairyNZ or order your own Career Pathways USB.

We financially and actively support AgITO which is the largest provider of agricultural technical training in the country.

Discussion groups offer a great opportunity to meet like minded farmers and learn more about farming practices in your region. Find a discussion group in your region.

The DairyNZ website has thousands of visits from New Zealand farmers each month accessing dairy farming information and expertise from DairyNZ. Visit DairyNZ now.

This is the start of a great partnership between you and DairyNZ - helping to guide you and your career to where you want to be!

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