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Starting your new job.

Being prepared for your first day on the job - knowing what to have at hand, what’s going to happen on the first day and being prepared for the orientation process is important. Use the checklist below to help make the first day easier.

By the time you are ready to start work, you must have:

  • A signed copy of the employment agreement;
  • A letter offering employment;

On your first day, you must have:

  • Your IRD number;
  • Bank account details;

Be prepared for all, or some, of the following:

  • An orientation period varying from a few hours to a few weeks;
  • Meeting all the other staff on the farm;
  • Discussing your goals and the farm’s and how they can be meshed together;
  • Identifying training needs and setting up a schedule for when this training will be done;
  • Meeting the neighbours, farm owner, vet, farm consultant and other people involved in the business;
  • Going on a full in-depth tour of the farm. This may include looking at things in relation to the farm map such as hazard areas, location of taps on water lines and other areas of special interest on the farm.

Also, make sure you ask any questions which arise and don’t say you can, if you can’t - the boss would rather teach you while the cows are dry and the pressure is off, than during calving.

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