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Checklist to find the perfect dairy farming job.

The dairy industry offers plenty of opportunity to all sorts of people, from a rewarding career as a team member through to the challenges of growing your business to farm ownership.

Like in any industry it’s important to get a job that matches your skills and commitment to give yourself every chance of being successful. But how do you go about finding your dream job?

Knowing how to get started, establishing a good CV and knowing where to look for farming jobs, along with the interview process, can be challenging.

We have designed the following checklist to help you through the process. Work through the checklist and you will be well equipped to enter the job hunt!


  1. Make sure dairying is the right career for you
    Not sure? Check out our Reality check which will tell you all about the work, the lifestyle and career paths available.
  2. Where to start?
    If you are coming back to dairying, where you start will depend on your knowledge of dairying, skill level and amount of equity. Visit Getting started.
  3. Get your CV up to scratch
    Potential employers look for a number of key attributes including honesty and reliability, enthusiasm and someone who takes pride in their work. It starts with a good CV. Create a fantastic CV.
  4. Match your skills to an on-farm job
    You need a job profile to help establish your criteria and how a job might fit with your career plan. What does your ideal job look like?
  5. Do you know where to look for jobs?
    From newspapers and industry magazines to using the internet and recruitment agencies, there’s plenty of options. Where to find jobs.
  6. Apply for the right jobs
    A job should fit with the wants and needs outlined in your job profile, so take a look at whether it matches your job ideals. Does it match up?
  7. Prepare for your interviews
    Presenting yourself well and making a good impression is very important in securing a job. A good interview requires some preparation and planning. Interviewing like a pro.
  8. Should I accept or decline?
    Sometimes it’s tricky knowing whether to go for it, or perhaps hold back for something else. Declining a job offer can also take a little bit of tact. Making the decision.
  9. Starting out - put your best foot forward
    Starting your new job - be prepared for the first day. Make the first day easier.
  10. Plan your progress
    Once established in a role, you might want to think about moving to the next rung on the ladder. Having a plan on how you will do this and the skills and experience you will need will help you progress faster than you ever expected! Training will fast-track that progress. Find out how.

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