Reality Check

The work.

It is important not to rush into this career until you understand what your daily work life will entail.

Here is a selection of some of the issues you should have discussed with your partner and family and understood before looking for a job on a dairy farm:

  • Farming is about being outdoors with animals and machinery and contending with wind, rain and sunshine;
  • Farming may be about animals but the ability to work with people is vital to those who want to optimise the potential of this career;
  • Farming is unique in that employees usually live on farm and their employer is often their landlord;
  • Early morning starts are a reality but there are a variety of different rosters that can result in large variations in time-off and hours worked;
  • Work can be physically demanding so you need to have a realistic level of fitness and health;
  • The farm’s location will have an impact on what services and family support systems are available in the locality;
  • You must be able to look after yourself when working on-farm, ensuring you are eating well and get plenty of sleep;
  • You need to work for the ‘right’ people and learn from the best if you wish to develop the right skills and progress;
  • The financial rewards achieved depend on a variety of factors including your experience, abilities and level of responsibility.

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